Reasons to become a member of the European Division of the International Association for Identification


  • Be seen as having an active interest in the fields of forensics and biometrics.

  • Actively participate in the promotion of research in the forensics and biometrics fields.

  • Have access to training and education through attendance at seminars, conferences and training events.

  • Gaining direct access to the decision makers in EU member states, including the European Council and national government representatives.

  • Benefit from the many hundreds of years of accumulated experience and expertise available.

  • Gain access to information related to all the disciplines of the forensic sciences and biometrics.

  • Help encourage the highest ethical standards in the collection, preservation, examination and evaluation of evidence.

  • Access and become part of a large network of interested academics, professionals, companies and institutions who are active in the world of forensics and biometrics.

  • Enhance your chances of success in the forensics and biometrics markets.

  • Contribute to the spread of relevant information on new technologies and technical procedures amongst practitioners and researchers.






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European Division of the IAI

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