2024 EUIAI Conference

7th International Educational Conference
10th-12th June 2024

Hotel Catalonia Plaza, Plaza Espanya,

Barcelona, Spain  

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Without the valued contribution of our sponsors it would not be possible to put on a conference of such high quality. Their contribution has enabled the Board of Directors to select a quality venue, attract top class speakers and also ensure your conference experience is provided at an affordable cost. With heartfelt thanks to our generous benefactors.

GOLD Sponsors

IDEMIA Public Security, a division of IDEMIA Group, is the premium provider of trusted biometric solutions that revolutionize public security and identity, travel and transport, and access control. Our solutions—designed using advanced security features and encryption technologies—enable our clients to build safer and fairer societies where people can live, interact, and move freely. 

IDEMIA Public Security’s Justice and Public Safety business line applies over 50 years of biometric expertise to empower global law enforcement agencies. With a dedicated team of almost 600 experts, we develop cutting-edge technologies—facial recognition, fingerprint matching, and investigative analytics—tailored for the unique needs of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Trusted by 85+ public customers, our solutions handle millions of records, and foster efficient policing with tools like livescan and mobile fingerprint devices.

Prioritizing fairness and accuracy, we collaborate closely with customers to create a safer, more secure world.

IDEMIA: your partner in preventing offenses, solving crimes, and protecting communities.

Our biometrics and identity solutions enable government agencies to solve crimes more efficiently, prevent fraud, secure national borders, or protect identities for various other applications.

We have more than 300 biometric deployments in 80 countries, leveraging strong biometric authentication and identification worldwide for customers at all government levels.

With more than 30 years of biometric technology expertise, Thales offers a comprehensive suite of technology products and services, helping governments and agencies worldwide keep the public safe and secure.

SILVER Sponsors

Attestor Forensics is a leading Germany-based company specialising in the development of innovative high-quality equipment to assist in forensic analysis and investigation. Our team collaborates closely with customers to meet their individual needs, providing a wide range of user-friendly equipment, including evidence development chambers, imaging systems and forensics light sources.

Attestor products are internationally recognised and tailored specifically for customers who require enhanced efficiency without compromising on quality results and traceability.

For ISO accredited laboratories, reproducibility and documentation is extremely important, so many of our products automatically record process information via our datalogger system.

The eyesCloud3D platform is transforming the forensic field by simplifying the generation of 3D scenarios. Using common devices such as mobile phones or other devices with a camera, it allows crime scenarios to be recreated quickly and accurately.

Its ease of use and the functionalities it contains make the work of forensic scientists more efficient by enabling import and export in different formats. In addition, it offers a unique interactive experience with more than 60 tools designed to interact with the generated models, allowing detailed analysis to be performed with ease and accuracy.

BRONZE Sponsors

Founded in 1978 following successful development of ESDA, a unique electrostatic apparatus used to highlight indented writing in documents, Foster + Freeman are innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence, and shoe prints used by specialist forensic laboratories world-wide. With offices in the UK, USA, Europe, and a global network of agents and distributors, Foster + Freeman are able to provide customers with a high level of technical support, installation and training. Our equipment is exported to over 160 countries.

Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, world leader in engineering technology for aerospace, defense, security and mobility business with a business model, based on a comprehensive range of proprietary products, with a high-value end-to-end focus and a high degree of innovation.

We are delighted to announce that our 10th anniversary conference will be co-organised by Mossos D’Esquadra

DVI Workshop – 10th June

7th Educational conference – 11th and 12th June

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